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GDTs & Asset Strategy Teams are overstretched

  • Development teams have an ever increasing number of decisions to make in ever tighter timelines.

  • Each decision a team makes spans several disciplines and has significant impact on the success of the asset.

  • Teams are expected to continuously keep track of all relevant information related to their asset and decide what changes to strategy need to be made/

Current tools and processes provide little support for development & strategic teams: workflows are manual, time consuming, error prone and exhausting.

Give Development & Strategy Teams A Tool Proven to Accelerate Programs

Using responsible AI, Inovia Bio have developed a platform that guides development & strategy teams from indication selection through to clinical trial design.


Learn How An Asset Team Saved Three Years Using InovaSight


The goal

To support an early phase asset team in identifying indications for their molecule and developing strategies based on real-time information.

Our approach

  • The InovaSight platform was given to the asset team.
  • InovaSight generated evidence based predictions for the asset's therapeutic indications.
  • The platform guided the team in developing target product profiles for each indication as well as a clinical development plan for the optimal indication.

The outcome

  • The team were able to rapidly prioritise therapeutic indications for their asset in a matter of days.
  • The platform allowed to team to develop and test several strategies based on real-time information in a matter of clicks.
Proof point

InovaSIght is built By Drug Developers For Drug Developers allowing teams to bring needed innovations to patients faster.

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