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How Inovasight enabled a pharmaceutical company to prioritise indications with unparalleled precision & speed

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May 9, 2023


Indication prioritisation is one of the most important components of drug development strategy. From the earliest stage of clinical development through to lifecycle management, indication selection and prioritisation decisions profoundly impact an asset's total value. 

Indication selection is usually a collaboration between the development & commercial teams where potential indications are evaluated based on factors such as unmet medical need, market potential, and scientific feasibility. 

However, the traditional approach of manual prioritisation is time-consuming, error-prone, and often leads to suboptimal decisions due to the volume and complexity of data that teams need to digest and contextualise. 

Case Study:

ABC Pharmaceuticals a global pharmaceutical company, faced challenges in performing indication prioritisation for an early-stage asset. The company needed a solution enabling teams to prototype different TPPs and benchmark them against each other rapidly. 

The company turned to Inovasight, a software platform that provides drug development & commercial teams with crucial insights into a given asset. 

Using InovaSight, ABC Pharmaceuticals was able to both identify and prioritise indications within unparalleled timelines.

InovaSight uses machine learning to analyse large swathes of scientific and market data, which is then used to build asset-specific prediction models. Potential indications are then ranked based on a myriad of pre-selected criteria. 

The team at ABC Pharmaceuticals found InovaSight easy to use and integrate into their drug development workflow. The platform's user-friendly interface allowed the team to evaluate potential indications quickly, make data-driven decisions, and align cross-functional teams.

InovaSight also provided the drug development team with real-time updates ensuring the decisions they made were always current. 


Using InovaSight, ABC Pharmaceuticals was able to integrate both indication identification and prioritisation into a singular step. The team could make decisions at timelines unparalleled in the industry and used the platform to ensure alignment across cross-functional teams.


InovaSight has been developed from the ground up by drug developers for drug developers. The tool has enabled companies to expedite drug development while ensuring drug developers can ideate quickly. The platform's user interface, on-demand support and training meant that entire teams were using InovaSight within an hour of launch. Deploying InovasIght resulted in companies saving time and resource costs while identifying novel opportunities. 

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