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How InovaSight helps business development assess the true value of an external asset.

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May 9, 2023


Pharmaceutical companies constantly seek to acquire new assets to expand & complement their existing pipeline.

Evaluating potential acquisition or partner candidates involves a detailed analysis of factors, including scientific feasibility, market potential, and competitive landscape. The complexity of this process is compounded by the fact that the cross-functional team conducting the assessment must often work to aggressive timelines to ensure that they don't miss a potential opportunity.  

The traditional approach to pharmaceutical business development is a highly manual process that is both time-consuming and resource intensive, leading to a risk of suboptimal decision-making & missed opportunities.

Case Study:

DEF Pharmaceuticals, a mid-size pharmaceutical company, faced challenges evaluating potential external assets. The company needed a solution that would enable its business development & clinical teams to accurately and quickly assess the therapeutic potential of a molecule, its probability of technical success, and the relevant clinical and competitive landscape.

The company turned to Inovasight, a software platform that provides drug & business development teams with a singular solution to predict an asset's value in unprecedented timelines accurately.

Using InovaSight, DEF Pharmaceuticals were able to identify potential practical indications a given asset could have as well as the features a likely clinical program would need to bring it to market. InovaSight's features meant that the team could quickly unpack an asset's true value. This and the ability to generate rapid PTS estimates for each indication gave a full development risk profile.

InovaSight uses human-guided machine learning to analyse large swathes of scientific and market data, which are then used to build asset-specific prediction models. InovaSight can then display and rank an asset's potential indication spectrum while contextualising this critical landscape and development information.  

The team at DEF Pharmaceuticals found InovaSight easy to use and integrate into their workflow. The platform's user-friendly interface allowed the team to evaluate potential assets quickly, make data-driven decisions, and align cross-functional teams. The fact that InovaSight could be deployed within 30 days meant the team was able to develop an innovative assessment workflow that could provide real-time opportunities across several therapeutic areas.


Using InovaSight, DEF Pharmaceuticals was able to rapidly and accurately evaluate several assets for partnering & acquisition purposes. The platform enabled the team to make accurate decisions quickly and identify latent value in external assets, resulting in significant time and resource savings.


InovaSight is a powerful software platform that provides pharmaceutical companies with the tools they need to identify indications, prioritise them and quickly understand the required development investment needed with unprecedented accuracy.

The platform's design and dedicated drug development support team meant the company could utilise the platform in hours after the bespoke onboarding experience. InovaSight is a valuable tool for any pharmaceutical company looking to accelerate their drug & business development and allow their teams to unlock their productivity and creativity.

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