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How InovaSight enables drug development teams to create target product profiles in minutes for a rapid prototyping approach.

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May 9, 2023


Developing a target product profile (TPP) is the first step in any clinical development plan. The TPP outlines a given asset's desired product attributes and characteristics and hypothesises early trial designs, effect sizes, dosages & modalities, indication statements and safety profiles.

Creating an effective TPP requires extensive planning and close collaboration between several stakeholders, including clinical development, medical affairs, commercial, biostatistics and regulatory.

The process typically involves several workstreams where various disparate information sources are analysed and communicated across teams to achieve a desired set of TPP assumptions.  

The challenge arises in the fact that this process is often time-consuming and error-prone, with "multiple sources of truth" emerging and assumptions not being regularly updated. These factors and communication challenges can lead to suboptimal TPP and, consequently, CDP design.

Case Study:

LMN Pharmaceuticals, a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, wanted to increase the efficiency of its TPP development process.

The company needed a solution that would enable it to integrate indication selection, prioritisation and TPP development into a single easy-to-use workflow.

LMN Pharmaceuticals turned to Inovasight, a software platform that provides drug development & commercial teams with a singular solution to realise the value of their asset in unprecedented timelines.

Using InovaSight, the development & commercial teams were able to rapidly build multiple TPPs during the indication selection and prioritisation process, which led to significant time savings as well as a more detailed assessment.    

InovaSight uses human-guided machine learning to analyse large swathes of scientific and market data, which are then used to build asset-specific prediction models.

The platform contains essential live information for the rapid development and prototyping of TPPs and an integrated key opinion leader module that means KOLs could be quickly contacted and embedded in the TPP design or review process.  

InovaSight also functions as a singular source of truth across cross-functional teams, facilitating communication and collaboration.

LMN Pharmaceuticals found InovaSight easy to use and integrate into their workflow. The platform's user-friendly interface allowed the team to quickly develop and evaluate potential TPPs and make data-driven decisions within hours of onboarding.

InovaSight also provided the company with real-time updates and alerts, ensuring all team members were informed about new developments significant to their asset.


Using InovaSight, LMN Pharmaceuticals was able to develop multiple TPPs in unprecedented timelines without sacrificing accuracy. The platform allowed the team to integrate indication selection, prioritisation and TPP development into a single workflow that allowed team members to ideate rapidly and pressure test with KOLs. The entire platform and initial training were delivered in 30 days, meaning the team could gain immediate value.


InovaSight has been developed from the ground up by drug developers for drug developers. The tool has enabled companies to expedite drug development while ensuring drug developers can rapidly ideate. The platform's user interface, on-demand support and training meant that entire teams were using InovaSight within an hour of launch. Deploying InovaSight saved companies time and resource costs while identifying novel opportunities.

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