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How InovaSight enables drug development teams to design clinical trials in unparalleled timlines

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May 9, 2023


Clinical trial design is the foundational bedrock of drug development with significant consequences if improperly conducted.

Trial design is an inherently complex process not just due to the technical expertise required but also due to the breadth of stakeholders involved and the extensive planning, coordination & analysis required.  

However, the traditional trial design approach is a time-consuming, manual and error-prone process that can lead to suboptimal decisions with significant consequences.

Case Study:

XYZ Pharmaceuticals, a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, faced challenges in designing clinical trials for assets in its pipeline.

The company needed a solution that would enable it to seamlessly move from indication prioritisation through to clinical trial design quickly and efficiently while ensuring cross-functional teams had access to the necessary data to prototype different trial designs rapidly.

XYZ Pharmaceuticals turned to InovaSight, a cloud-based software platform that integrates indication identification, prioritisation, landscape assessments and trial design into a singular easy-to-use solution, all within 30 days of signing up for the platform.  

Using InovaSight, XYZ Pharmaceuticals was able to piece together foundational clinical development plans for three potential indications in unprecedented timelines. Using the InovasIght platform, XYZ Pharmaceuticals could quickly put these proposals to therapeutic area experts for rapid feedback and alignment.

InovaSight supported XYZ Pharmaceuticals to integrate the drug development process from indication prioritisation to clinical trial design & KOL engagement in a few days, providing a robust competitive advantage.

InovaSight is a drug development platform designed by drug developers for drug developers; it uses human-guided machine learning to analyse various data sources, including clinical trial data, scientific publications, and regulatory guidelines.

XYZ Pharmaceuticals found InovaSight easy to use and integrate into their drug development workflow. The platform's user-friendly interface allowed the team to quickly evaluate potential trial designs and make data-driven decisions within one hour of the initial onboarding.  

InovaSight also provided the company with real-time updates related to new indications and the commercial & trial landscape, enabling the team to stay informed about new developments in the field.


Using InovaSight, XYZ Pharmaceuticals was able to seamlessly identify & prioritise disease indications while rapidly prototyping clinical trial designs in a number of days without sacrificing accuracy. The team also took advantage of the integrated key opinion leader functionality to rapidly engage KOLs and pressure test trial assumptions & indication selection.

As a result, drug development teams at the company could not only rapidly identify, prioritise and prototype trial designs but also ensure that entire cross-functional teams could communicate effectively and have access to a single source of truth.


InovaSight is a powerful software platform that provides pharmaceutical companies with the tools to identify, prioritise and design clinical trials quickly and efficiently with unprecedented accuracy.

XYZ Pharmaceuticals rapidly conducted an integrated indication prioritisation and trial design workflow using InovaSight, which resulted in significant time and resource savings. Drug development teams could rapidly ideate through various scenarios and quickly identify external experts for consultancy and pressure testing.

The platform's design and dedicated drug development support team meant the company could utilise the platform hours after the bespoke onboarding experience. InovaSight is a valuable tool for any pharmaceutical company looking to accelerate its drug development process and allow its teams to unlock their productivity and creativity.

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